SHARP meets in CT

SHARP members and collaborators met this week at University of Connecticut.  We swapped updates, checked in about project deliverables, advanced all of our projects, and had a good time doing it.  Depending on how you count it, SHARP has 7 to 11 papers in review, another dozen in draft form, all about tidal marsh bird conservation.  Thanks to all of our collaborators for another great year of hard work and results!

IMG_3193 (2)

Left to right: (back row) Chris Field (UConn), Meaghan Conway (UMaine), Alison Kocek (SUNY ESF), Brian Olsen (UMaine), Greg Shriver (UDelaware), Liz Tymkiw (UDelaware), Bri Benvenuti (UNH), Tim Freiday (UDelaware), (front row) Chris Elphick (UConn), Laura Garey (UMaine), Alyssa Borowske (UConn), Suzanne Paton (USFWS), Jen Walsh (UNH), Tom Hodgman (MDIFW), Adrienne Kovach (UNH), Jonathan Cohen (SUNY ESF), Britt Cline (UDelaware), Logan Cline (UNH), Sam Roberts (UDelaware), Mo Correll (UMaine), Kate Ruskin (UConn), and Brian Klingbeil (UConn).

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