UNH Launches New Demographic Plots in Maine, Saltmarsh-Nelson’s Sparrow Hybrid Zone

SHARP grad student Logan Cline is establishing the first new demographic sites that SHARP has begun since 2012.  Logan chose sites in the midst of the Saltmarsh-Nelson’s Sparrow hybrid zone in midcoast Maine, near Popham Beach and Brunswick.

Broadly, Logan’s work will shed light on the extent of hybridization between Saltmarsh and Nelson’s Sparrows in the core of their hybrid zone and what the consequences of hybridization are. She will quantify the relative reproductive success and fitness of pure and hybrid sparrows. Further, she will investigate patterns of mating within and between species and whether there are any barriers to mating between species.

Logan sent along some pictures from her new sites- take a look at these beautiful Maine marshes!


Beautiful morning in the marsh!

IMG_0837 IMG_0828

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