“The Vandal”

By: Bri Benvenuti @ UNH 


Adult male Nelson’s Sparrow captured in New Hampshire Photo: UNH SHARP


The leg bands on this bird allow us to identify him both in hand (metal band) and afar (black and yellow). Photo: UNH SHARP

Introducing 2511-26781. Sporting University of Idaho black and yellow leg bands, this male Nelson’s Sparrow was nicknamed “The Vandal” during an observational study comparing the mating behavior between male Saltmarsh and Nelson’s Sparrows in New Hampshire. Banded as an adult in 2011, he was last seen in 2013 before being captured again last week, making him at least 6 years old!

The multiple bands on this bird allowed us to identify him without capturing based on the arrangement (white/metal, black/yellow). The white band indicates the site he was first banded on, the metal band was issued by the USGS with a unique number (2511-26781). On the left, the unique combination of black over yellow for field identification without capture.


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